Just à few steps from St.Mark’s Square, in the very central « merceria dell’orologio « , there’s an authentic Glass Art Gallery, Lyra Glass. Here you can admire a large selection of Sculptures and Items of the most famous Murano Glass Artists. An artistic production of Vases, Plates and Drinking Glasses made in a real glass blown technique. You can satisfy the désire of Charme & Elegance among the countless creations of Gold or Silver leaf glass Jewellery.

It is a collective brand established by the Veneto Region with the law n. 70 of 12/23/94 and managed by the Promovetro Murano Consortium, which certifies that the products are made on the island of Murano.

Lyra Glass sells and ships all over the world, with safe and rapid shipments. Choose your product and we will find the best shipment for you!